Getting Started

Regardless of your level of fitness or previous athletic ability, everyone can join our fitness program. We require all new members with no previous experience to do an on ramp course to learn the basic movements, complete a fitness test, and allow us to assess you. We will also go over pre-workout warm up, terminology of movements, post workout stretching and a nutrition guidance hand out. These on ramp sessions will be a minimum of two 1 hour sessions with one of our expert coaches. Any training facility that does not require an on ramp course prior to jumping into group classes should be concerning.

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Broward 2.0 Competitors Programming

This is an advanced program designed specifically for individuals who chose to pursue CrossFit as a Competitive Sport more than an Exercise Program.

This Hybrid Strength Program utilizes a Conjugate Powerlifting Template infused with Olympic Weightlifting and Heavy Met Cons along with Gymnastic Skill Work.

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Cryotherapy is a revolutionary method of cold therapy involving 2-3 minutes of exposure of the whole body to subzero temperatures ranging from -200°F to -300°F. This is not a medical procedure, but a surprisingly comfortable, non-invasive option for people seeking exceptional results. At this extreme temperature, the body activates several mechanisms that have significant long-term benefits.

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CrossFit Kids

Our CrossFit Kids Fitness Program is designed to help children between the age group of 6 thru 8 and 9 thru 12 by teaching them proper form and technique in basic movements and exercises.

Your child’s coordination, strength, and overall conditioning will increase which in turn will assist them with neurological and cognitive motor skills.

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