CrossFit Affliction prides itself on its physical training staff, and their ability to deliver the coaching and knowledge that provides a safe and effective training environment.



Steven Bowser

Owner / Program Director:  Steve is a retired police officer. He opened Broward CrossFit in July 2008 and obtained all the following certifications:
  • Level 1 CrossFit Coach (3 times)
  • Coaches Prep Course for Level 2
  • Basic Barbell Training Certification with Coach Mark Rippetoe
  • Olympic Lifting Certification with Coach Mike Burgener (3 times)
  • CrossFit Football Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification (2 times)
  • CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Certification with Coach Jeff Martone (2 times)
  • CrossFit Running and Endurance Certification (2 times)
  • POSE Running Technique Coach
  • USA Olympic Weightlifting Coach with Glenn  Pendlay (3 times)
  • Certified Rowing Coach (2 times)
  • CrossFit Mobility Certification (2 times)
  • USA Powerlifting Certification
  • IKFF  Level 1 Certification with Ken Blackburn
  • Westside Barbell Power Lifting Certification with Lou Simmons
  • Westside Barbell Power Lifting Certification with Mark Bell
  • Mike Mahler Hormone Optimization and Kettlebell Workshop Level 1
  • Several Kettlebell and Olympic Lifting Workshops and Seminars
  • Tom Furman Kettlebell and Mobility Workshop
  • Level 1 Muscle Driver Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Glenn Pendlay
  • Level 2 Muscle Driver Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Glenn Pendlay
  • Outlaw Training Camp with Rudy Neilson 
  • Olympic Weightlfting Seminar with Don McCauley – Catapult System
  • Juggernut / Cube Method Powerlifting Seminar w/ Chad Wesley Smith and Brandon Lilly
  • Tactical Athlete Instructor Course w/ Jeff Martone  
  • Underground Strength & Conditioning Coach Certification with Zach Even Esh


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